The Vermont Ads network selectively accepts advertisers that choose to not participate in the exchange program. Qualified advertisers must offer value to the community of advertisers and publishers of Vermont.

Exchange members may also purchase additional impressions through their exchange account. If you would like to participate in the exchange and buy additional impressions, you can simply join the exchange program to earn impressions and the purchase function will available through that account. If you would like to completely opt out of the exchange and think that you offer our Vermont members a valuable service the following are the per impression prices:

  • 5,000 impressions - $20.00 (.004/per impression)
  • 10,000 impressions - $30.00 (.003/per impression) save $10
  • 20,000 impressions - $50.00 (.0025/per impression) save $30

Please continue by completing the form below then choose the plan that best suits your needs on the following page.

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