Since we started on 2/17/14 we have shown 1920802 Vermont ads.



Q: What is the difference between an exchange account and an advertiser account?

A: With an ad exchange account (free account) you are both an advertiser and a publisher. After you enter your ad data you will be taken to a screen where you simply copy code and place it on the page or pages of your web site where you would like to show the network ads. You can customize the way that ads look on your web site. As soon as those ads are shown on your web pages you start earning reciprocal ads that other Vermont users will be putting on their web sites.

With an advertiser account, an advertiser purchases impressions within the network rather than earning them by publishing reciprocal ads.

Q: What is the cost of an advertser account?

A: The cost to buy into the network is published on this page

Q: Do I have to have 2 accounts to participate in both the exchange and the advertiser programs?

A: No, as an exchange member you can buy additional impressions of your ad(s) within the exchange interface if you wish (* remember, purchased ads are optional, your exchange account earns you free ads *). Purchased ads can be a good way to kickstart an ad program for sites that do not get much traffic, then as traffic starts to come in your exchange program starts to earn free impressions. Pricing for non-earned ad impressions is the same as an advertiser account.

Q: Can I run more than one ad at a time?

A: You can run up to 5 approved ads.

Q: What is the ratio of return on ads that I display on my web site?

A: The return ratio is 1:1 for exchange users that send at least 0.91 clicks per 100 impressions (industry average is 1 - 1.5 clicks per 100). This encourages users to place ads where their visitors will see them. In other words your ad will show 10 times for each 10 times an ad block is displayed on your web site. Users that drop below 0.5 clicks per 100 impressions will have a return ratio of 1:2. * This will rarely happen unless a user is placing ad blocks on pages that receive very little traffic. To encourage users to prominently display ad blocks we deposit 1000 bonus impressions after you have displayed the initial 100 ad blocks on your site.

Q: Are there sample ads that I can see?

A: Yes, you can see sample horizontal style ads by clicking here and vertical style ads here.
Also, you can see ads in action at our web site @ on the right and bottom of our pages.

Q: How do I know other members are showing my ads?

A: Your ads will show automatically on other network members web sites after they have inserted our code. Also, there is no advantage for members to hide ads or put them on seldom seen pages because they just would not earn exposure of their ads on other web sites. Simply, if network members do not show ads they will not earn ads.

Q: What is a good click rate for ads?

A: A good click rate is anything over 1.5%. The average click through rate (CTR) is between .08 and 1.5%. (A short but concise overview of CTR can be seen at Wikipedia ) If you are seeing a click through rate of less than 1% on any of your ads you should re-write the text of that ad or consider a different call to action within your ad.

On our first day of operation our network CTR was over 3%, well over the industry average. This is certainly due to the relevancy of Vermont to Vermont ads.

Q: What is a good call to action?

A: The most basic example of a call to action (CTA) is the 2 word phrase: "click here". Most people will tell you that this particular CTA is not really effective, however it is better than no CTA at all. Some other examples of good CTA phrases: "Reserve your place now", "Order Now", "In a hurry? Call 555-1212"", "See it in action". Using these or similar phrases, with the "click here" CTA, will increase your click through rate on your ad campaign.

Q: How does your referral system work?

A: Our referral awards 5,000 ads to the referrers account for each active referral. After the referred member has sent 100 clicks to other network members the referring member will receive 5,000 ads deposited into their account.

Q: How do I refer someone so that I receive referral bonuses?

A: The referrer system is always in effect. If someone visits a member web site and clicks an ad block where it says "Ads by Vermont Ads Network" and then signs up to be in the network they are immediately seen as your referral. If you would like to refer someone by email or by word of mouth just ask them to visit your web site and click that text in the ad block. Your referral code is also referenced in your control panel so you can copy, paste and send it.

Q: Can I put my reciprocal code on a non-Vermont web site?

A: Yes. You can place the code on other web sites to earn clicks for your Vermont web site if you think that the audience of that web site would be interested in the Vermont advertisers in our network. If you have questions about this please email us.

Q: Will you put the code on my web site for me?

A: The reciprocal code is very simple to place on any area of your web site, if you have someone that manages your web site for you they should be able to do this step in under 2 minutes (yep, really). If you have no knowledge of your web site code and you don't have someone that manages your web site for you you can send us an email and include your phone number, we can do it for you at no cost.